3 reasons to pay for free appointment scheduling app

When you put keywords “free appointment scheduling app” on google you get hundreds of offers to try different scheduling softwares. Many of them try to attract you with the main keyword “FREE”, but in most cases, they are not free. Usually free appointment scheduling apps are free either to try them for a specific period of time or they have some free features. Let’s find out what you might get “for free” and what opportunities you might get when you pay for your chosen plan.


Reminders are a great function to decrease the number of no shows. Most appointment scheduling apps have a function to set reminders so that your clients always get notifications about scheduled meetings. On free versions you usually have a limit for reminders you can send or you can use only email reminders, while SMS reminders belong to paid features. Let’s do simple math here. If each month you receive at least 2 – 3 no shows that can be solved with reminders and monthly payment for your appointment scheduling app is around 20 – 30 euros, a reminder system might be something that pays off on your first month.

Company size

If you are responsible for scheduling time for a few professionals, your “free plan” might become “paid” at the same time you add more workers into your company profile. It’s a common strategy to keep appointment scheduling apps free for freelancers but paid for bigger companies. You might enjoy the freemium, but you will also enjoy the ability to see schedules of all of your workers at the same time and have one database always ready for marketing.

Individual needs

Even loyal appointment scheduling app users often do not know that they can always ask their provider to adjust the app to their needs. That’s always a premium feature, but if you are the owner of a big business it’s always cheaper to use an existing scheduling app and invest to adjust it to your needs than creating a new one.

To sum up it’s important to say that despite the fact that premium scheduling apps will most likely pay off soon it’s always good to use freemium to test your needs. Freemium version will help you to understand if you like the usability and design of your prefered app. We invite you to try the free appointment scheduling app Plandok to check if it fits your needs. 

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