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With emergencies and everyday struggle, spending your valuable time on scheduling patient appointments can become quite draining. Another additional responsibility is managing your staff and resources. With so many things to manage, dedicating your full time and spending quality time with your patients may not be possible. Managing appointments efficiently is a big problem which every business faces. With so many new people to cater to and an equal number of old patients to catch up with, you must have faced quite a few situations. This also includes double bookings and missing on patient appointments. Get rid of everyday nonsense with our free online appointment scheduling software – Plandok.

Plandok is an online appointment scheduling software that is designed to make your life stress free. Get rid of moth-eaten patient records and outdated excel sheets. Plandok not only schedules your patients, it also helps you manage your staff schedules. Allocate particular services to specified staff with respect to their designations and create a healthy, well functioning work environment. If your clinic has more than one doctor working, add them into your Plandok account and let your patients see who is available at what time. The main cause for no shows and missed appointments is patients forgetting about their appointments. Our medical scheduling software can send SMS to remind your clients and your doctors about scheduled meetings! Make time for your loved ones as you don’t have to waste time on misunderstandings while maintaining patient schedules. Plandok online medical appointment scheduling software is free, try it out!

Advanced Features

All the great tools you need to run your salon, clinic, spa or any other business!

Appointment Scheduling

Simple tool with a powerful calendar where you can easily book and schedule appointments of your business. Various great features to make your business scheduling as easy as possible.

Manage Your Clients

Know your customers better. Maintain client relationships with detailed appointments history, preferences, future bookings and contact details.

Reduce No-Shows

Send automated reminders and custom messages to clients about appointments and notify them of any changes. Plandok scheduling app is great tool for salons and spas.

Manage Your Staff

Powerful calendar allows to easily plan and manage your employee schedules. Each of your employees can access their schedules at any time and anywhere.

Online Bookings

Supercharge your appointment bookings by allowing customers to book appointments online through your own website, Facebook or online booking apps. Allow clients to book, cancel or reschedule their own appointment bookings through the app.

Activity Dashboard

Keep track of daily appointment scheduling activities and never miss a beat. The free dashboard displays up to date appointment bookings, online bookings, appointment cancelations and client notifications.


What our customers are saying
Works as it says. Appointment reminders to clients about their appointments is reliable. It is ideal for independent stylists! Easy for clients to use, my clients, tell me how they like that reminder.

Melba Dawson

An amazing appointment scheduling system! What can i say… its the best addition to my clinic. The extra added features give me a complete understanding of how well my business is doing and the necessary tools that i have at my disposal to make sure i am always in control.

Ellen Roy

My experience has been wonderful. Plandok has provided everything I need and more for my business. I am eternally grateful for the use of such an amazing app! Thank you so much guys! I recommend Plandok in groups and forums I am in every day. 

Terry Nichols


Plandok is Free for Everyone

No credit card, no trial period, unlimited use for free!