How to use online appointment scheduling software?

If you are not using online appointment scheduling software by yourself you probably heard your friends’ companies use it or atleast you have read that it might be a thing to rocket your efficiency. The reason you are reading this article is probably because of the risks or problems you see with transition to online appointment scheduling software. Let’s go through all the possible problems that might occur during transition so you could evaluate if this thing should work for you.

First objection that comes to salon/clinics or any other service business owners is difficulties with transition. Maybe you were using a registry journal to schedule meetings with your clients? Or maybe you were gathering data to an Excel sheet? When you start using online appointment scheduling software you don’t need to transfer all data at once. It takes around 3 minutes to register and a few more minutes to make adjustments according to your work schedule. That’s it. You will instantly be able to increase your scheduling efficiency and it’s up to you if/when you transfer the old data to your new account.

Second problem that bothers all newcomers is old habits. It’s not a secret that it’s always scary to try new things, especially when it comes to technologies. In that case online appointment scheduling software Plandok has good news. This software is so user friendly that you don’t need to read any tutorials on how to use it – intuition will be the key to quickly adjust Plandok schedule to your needs and begins registering your clients online.

Third thing that you might have forgotten to consider is online appointment scheduling software benefits against the traditional scheduling tools. First of all Plandok allows you to share the scheduling responsibility with your clients. On Plandok software you will have your own scheduling page and you can put it’s link either to your website or social media. You clients will be able to press the link and see your work schedule. That means they will be able to register by themselves without your help. Also they will get SMS or email reminders about their booking.

To sum up it’s important to say that new possibilities are always scary and that’s completely normal. The best thing you can do is concentrate on how you will benefit your business using online appointment scheduling software. We recommend to try Plandok, it’s free, so make a little step to register and you will instantly see how you can benefit from it!

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