How to work 4 days a week with free appointment software

If your business requires constant meetings with clients, and you are still using Excel sheets or notebook for planning purposes… You are the perfect reader for this catchy name article. Read further to find out how smart usage of free appointment software will save you time and money whether you are a dentist, wedding salon manager or a beginner photographer who aims to fill his weekends with weddings.

Let’s begin with the fact that you are wasting loads of time. That’s if you schedule each meeting by yourself. In 2021, you should do what can be done by some software, especially if it’s a free one. Most free appointment software programs (and our beloved Plandok) have a feature to put all the registration processes for your clients. It’s as simple as possible. All you need to do is provide your clients with a link to your week schedule (by the way you can always make 4 days available) and your client see when you are free for a visit. It takes a few button clicks for your client and that of it, registration is successful, and you receive a message that you have another meeting on your schedule.

The Second option to save time is turning on meeting notifications. Today there are still thousands of business owners or their administrators that send SMS messages to remind them about scheduled meetings. Don’t waste your time. The best way to prevent from no shows is using a free appointment software feature to send automatic reminders. You will only need to adjust this option once and your clients will always receive automatically all the necessary information about their meeting.

The Third golden rule for a great user of free appointment software is the magic of saved data. It’s easy to lose you meetings notebook (or Excel sheets) and there is always no time to transfer all the data to one place. Remember – data is money. Free appointment software collects all client’s data, that is available for you either by your phone or computer. Whenever you want to push your sales up you will always get your clients phone or emails list for a contact and repeated sale.

To sum up there is a good old saying, that the best day to plant a tree was a few years ago, and the second best day is now. Save each minute you have for the things you love most and take a minute or two to register to free appointment software Plandok and have a great time scheduling your meetings.

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