Massage salon booking software - vogue or competitive advantage?

If you are the owner of a massage salon you probably notice massage salons everywhere you go. Yes, nowadays competition is extremely wild in most businesses. But you will probably agree that the key element of your success is the user experience you provide for your clients. Massage salons that use massage booking software are still more like exceptions than trends. Let’s try to compare traditional massage salon meeting scheduling tools (Excel sheet/notes) to massage salon booking software.

Time consumption

Traditional tools tend to steal dozens of hours every week. That’s because of the workflow. Let’s imagine the client calls you to book a massage. You probably need to check the registry journal or Excel for booking possibilities and inform your masseur. Massage salon booking software keeps it simple. When a client calls you, you can immediately add his booking to the preferred masseur. At the same time you do it – you do not need to inform the masseur – they will be able to see their work schedule online. And that’s not all. If you use Plandok as your massage salon booking software you can make a special link for your clients to be able to make a booking by themselves 24/7.

No shows

It’s just awful when you realize a client forgot about their booking. Lost time is on your work schedule but it is unpaid. It’s a great problem for traditional scheduling tools. In the case of massage salon booking software, all the work is done by automatic reminders. You just choose when those reminders should reach your clients (and masseurs if necessary) and software sends SMS or email notifications.


In the case of traditional scheduling tools, we are always attached either to a registry journal or sometimes even the person responsible for a registry journal. With massage salon booking software you are able to create logins for all of your teammates and enjoy the freedom you get with quick and efficient communication.

To sum up it’s important to understand that all scheduling tools can help you to reach the preferred goal. The only difference is efficiency. We would like to offer you to try out one of the most efficient scheduling tools – Plandok. It’s free and extremely simple to use!

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