Medical scheduling software for healthcare business

It’s not a secret that for some people it takes a while to find the courage to contact a medical clinic. You cannot change the irrational fears from your client’s childhood, but you can make the contact process as pleasant as possible for both – your client and yourself. A few years ago the most common tools clinics used to schedule meetings with patients were registry journals, Excel sheets, and Google calendar. Now clinics begin to find scheduling software, but it’s important to check whether the software you choose has the best possible features. Check out the list below.

Reminder Systems?

Does the medical scheduling software has a reminder system? It should be possible to send either SMS reminders or email reminders. Also, it’s best when you can send reminders not only for your patients but for your doctors too.

Online bookings?

Does your chosen healthcare scheduling software have a self registry feature? Save your time and allow your clients to register for the meetings by themselves. You should be able to generate a special link for your clinic so that your clients see each doctor’s schedule and have a chance to register to a meeting by themselves.

Works on mobile?

Does it work on your smartphone? You never know when you will have to check up your calendar. Maybe there’s a quick correction you need to make and the computer is far away. Medical scheduling software should perfectly work on all Wi-Fi devices you are using.

Is your data safe?

And is it easy to transfer it? You never know, maybe something will change and you will decide to stop using one healthcare scheduling software and go for the other. In this case scenario, it’s very important to check whether the data transfer functions are user-friendly and you will not need to waste a week searching for HOW TO.

What’s the monthly price?

Some medical scheduling software can cost 5 times more than the others and you will not be able to see any significant difference between them. Take your time, study the price and features and you will save hundreds of dollars every year.

To sum up it’s important to say that even when you find the healthcare scheduling software that meets all the above-mentioned requirements it still doesn’t mean you should choose it. User experience must be the crucial argument for your decision. And that’s about answering the question of whether you like that scheduling tool or not. We want to offer our scheduling tool called PLANDOK for your judgment. It meets all the above-mentioned requirements and it is free to use. It takes only a few minutes to register so take your chance to come up with rapid results!

Plandok is Free for Everyone

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