3 Tips for personal trainers to work less and gain more

Nowadays it’s a common thing for personal trainers to be busy all the time but still earn a smaller amount of money than expected. Even the best skills for personal training do not guarantee best results in business efficiency. We are living in times when the most expensive treasure we have is our time so it’s a must to find the best practices to change busy mode into efficiency mode. One of the best tools to make a tremendous step in your personal trainer career is using a personal trainers scheduling software. Find out what booking software tools can help you to make a change on your free time and your balance sheet.


Most common tools personal trainers use to schedule meetings with their clients are Google calendar, registry journals and Excel sheets. Unfortunately all these tools require your work whenever you want to change something. Personal trainers booking software allows you to do any changes in a matter of seconds. Even better – you can provide your clients with a link so that they are able to register on your work schedule without calling you and asking when you are available. Personal trainers scheduling software are in most vases ONLINE, so wherever you go you can check and adjust your schedule with your smartphone or laptop.


We do not need to tell you how it feels to experience no shows, when your client either forgets about your booking or experiences some sort of force majeure. Personal trainers booking software fix it up for you. Your clients will get reminders on SMS or email as many times as you ask the system to do it. Statistics are on your side – for most people reminders are enough to inform you if they have any changes on their schedule.


Any marketing theory will tell you that the most important clients for you are the wants that have already bought your product. To be able to stay in contact with them and know them better it’s crucial to make a database with their information. Traditional scheduling tools are often not too comfortable to keep up with the data. Personal trainers booking softwares are the solution in this case. Data about every meeting will be collected and available online. Even if you have personal trainers in your company, you may give them access to your company account and they will always have a comfortable way to add information about their clients.

To sum up it’s important to say that it only takes a few minutes to register to most personal trainers scheduling softwares but positive results are guaranteed after the first weeks of practice. We recommend trying using PLANDOK as your personal trainers booking software and feel what it takes to schedule meetings at least a few times faster.

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