Can photography scheduling software make you a better photographer?

Either you shoot weddings or studio photography part of your daily routine is working with clients. Any successful person will tell you that our habits are our main key to success. In your business it’s extremely important to be efficient when it comes to scheduling photoshoots. It’s not a secret that in most cases photographers plan the time to prepare for a photoshoot, plan the time to shoot and to edit photos, but rarely plan the crucial time of working on client schedules… But instead of consequences let’s talk about solutions. Registry journals, Excel sheets, Google calendar and similar scheduling tools are working properly, but extremely slowly. Meet the possibilities of photography scheduling software!

Be available anywhere at any time.

Photographers scheduling software is online and it makes it easy to register clients either they call you while being on photoshoot or preparing to go to the studio. It takes seconds and it’s free to use!

Use scheduling software

Using PLANDOK photographers scheduling software you have a special feature to generate a registry link. In case you are often busy answering the phone you may leave a special link on your web site or social media account and your clients will be able to register on the free spots of your calendar!

Remind clients about you

Maybe your client has some special details about the photoshoot but they forgot to tell you? Or maybe they forgot they have scheduled a personal photoshoot? Photographers scheduling software allows you to set reminders systems and that’s it! Your client’s will receive automated SMS and email reminders.

Working with clients nowadays is not some technical process that has to be done between important tasks – it’s the main thing to do to make sure clients are happy and you are efficient to make them happy. All these tips might sound complex, but you will be surprised how easy it is to use photography scheduling software. It will take you around 3 minutes to register to PLANDOK scheduling software and step on a new level of your business efficiency!

Plandok is Free for Everyone

No credit card, no trial period, unlimited use for free!