Do you want to have more vacation? Use doctor appointment software

Probably the best word to describe a doctor’s lifestyle is BUSY. Busy working with patients, busy going to training, busy working after hours, busy trying to get back to personal life… The truth is – you cannot make a day have more than 24 hours. But you can dramatically increase your efficiency with a simple tool like doctor appointment software. Read further to feel the change doctor appointment software will install into your life.

Reduced no-shows

Can you imagine a bigger waste of time and a good mood when the client does not show up? Doctor appointment software will solve this problem. Automatic reminders help both – you and your patient to know the exact time and place you two will get together. If you have more doctors in your clinic – no problem. Doctor appointment software like Plandok allows you to add as many doctors with their schedules to your account as you want. Reminders will be sent in the form of SMS or email.

Clients can register themselves

Taking phone calls from clients that want to book a meeting with you takes time. Save hours every week by using doctor appointment software DIY registry. The only thing you will need to do is to put a special link either on your website or social media and be one click patient will be sent to a landing page with the possibility to see your work schedule and book a meeting.

Accessable from anywhere, any deviec

You do not need to check up your notes to find out whether you have free hours next week. Doctor appointment software works online, so you can reach your fresh schedule through your smartphone, laptop, or computer anytime you need it.



To sum up we never had better times to delegate part of our jobs to modern software. Let’s use it for the best possible purpose – let’s have more time with ourselves and our families.

Plandok is Free for Everyone

No credit card, no trial period, unlimited use for free!