Free appointment booking softwares - are they really free?

When new appointment booking software enters the market and creates their website they are usually on page 20 of google search. That’s a simple way to imagine how BIG is the SUPPLY of different appointment booking softwares all around the world. If you have decided to make your business more efficient with appointment booking software so all those companies will be competing for your attention. Most likely in most cases you will hear the magic word FREE. And most likely that “free appointment booking software” will not be free. Read further to find out how to find a really free appointment booking software.

The reason why FREE appointment booking softwares charge money is because they have loads of expenses. They constantly invest in programming to have up to date softwares, they create new benefits according to their user needs, they pay for servers and for their business marketing. To tell you the truth there are no REALLY FREE softwares at the moment. But there are a few you will be able to use without payment.

When choosing a free appointment booking software you should check if FREE doesn’t mean that it’s a free 30 days trial. Imagine that you begin to use a free software, you put your clients data and in two months your account gets blocked because you haven’t paid after the first month… The only trick to using free appointment booking softwares for free is to really be a small business. There are plenty of appointment scheduling softwares that are totally free, but only until you reach a specific amount of meeting or go for some extra features. If that’s the case and you are a photographer, sports trainer, masseur or other small business owner you will definitely find a free appointment booking software. We suggest checking out Plandok appointment booking software. It’s free (for small players) and it takes only a few minutes to register and enjoy auto reminders, pleasant design and other great features this software has to offer.

Plandok is Free for Everyone

No credit card, no trial period, unlimited use for free!