Free Appointment Reminder Software- Expectations vs. Reality

When you decide to do pedal to metal for your efficiency you will likely to search for free appointment reminder software. There are hundreds or even thousands of these kinds of software programs and most of them are adapted for different professionals that tend to meet their clients. As soon you see appointment reminder software advertisements you are likely to ask yourself – where have I been before? Free appointment reminder software will same load of hours… But don’t get enthusiastic too quickly, let’s see what you must keep in mind.


No shows.

Most appointment reminder software programs will promise you to decrease the number of NO SHOWS to zero with automatic reminders. Automatic reminders do help to decrease no shows but definitely not to zero. Sometimes people just get some last minute urgent tasks, and they have to skip your meeting, so always be prepared what will you do if no one comes. Also keep in mind that automatic reminders feature is usually a paid feature, at least for SMS reminders.


Quick registration.

It’s common for free appointment reminder software owners to promise the quick registration process that takes only 3 minutes. Don;t be fooled. Yes, it may take no time to register, but registration is only the first part of work with free appointment reminder software. The second part is transfering your data. It’s always better to have all you clients data at one place ready for communication and marketing purposes, and if your data is saved on paper notebook it will take a while to update your account with all necessary information.



Quick increase in efficiency.

No doubts that your efficiency will skyrocket, but it’s likely it won’t be a quick process. And the only reason is called habits. It’s easy for you if you are alone in your team, you are young and find it easy to use new technologies. But if you are part of a 10 people team and there are few elders, it might take some time to form new habits of importing all the data to your appointment reminder software, adjusting reminders and links for DIY registration.

To sum up we think that appointment reminder software is one of the best things that can happen to your efficiency, but it takes time to make new habits work. Be prepared to invest your time the first few weeks, and you will reach the best results. If you haven’t found the best free appointment reminder software for your business we recommend trying to use Plandok

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