How to find the best nail salon software?

To tell you the truth there are thousands of different software’s for scheduling nail salon appointments. It’s always a question of which nail salon software is best, but we have given you a checklist under which you will definitely find a great nail salon software.

Is it free to use? Some appointment booking software’s are intended for big companies and require you to pay 50 dollars or more each month. Nail salons usually belong to small businesses, so you should concentrate either on free appointment booking software’s or the ones that have a very low monthly fee.

Does it have an auto reminders function? No one likes no shows. Imagine, how much time would you save if your clients never forget to come! Auto reminders is a must for best nail salon software, so make sure it offers email and SMS reminders and check if you will not have any reminder amount limits.

Does it work on smartphones? Best nail salon software’s is balanced for all devices you might use at any time – laptops, PCs, smartphones and tablets. And it’s also about the design and simplicity. You should always try to use it for a day or so before transferring your clients data to make sure you love your chosen nail salon software.

Can clients register by themselves? Be greedy on this feature. Imagine the comfort, when your clients find your website and book a meeting with you by themselves. Best nail salons will make sure you have this feature on and concentrate on what you do best – nails.

So sum up we can say that it’s a sin not to have a tick on all of this list when choosing your bookings scheduling software. We also recommend checking out our nail salon software – Plandok

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