How to schedule appointments for small business

Do you have a massage salon? Or maybe you are a photographer? Or you work on a crazy start up idea? In most cases meetings are a great part of your daily routine (doesn’t matter if it’s meeting with clients, patient’s or possible investors). If you are not using any appointment software for small business – do it now. Read further to find out how it will change your efficiency for best possible results.

Everything online

Appointment scheduling software allows you to have all your meetings online. No matter if you are sitting next to your PC or riding a train with a smartphone in your hand – you can always check whom you should meet and WHEN.

Auto reminders

No one likes to waste time when you experience a no show on your meeting time. Appointment software for small business will never make it happen. You can adjust it to send auto reminders (in form of email or SMS) for you and for the person that you are meeting with.

History data

If you don’t have a proper tool for scheduling appointments most likely you are losing a dozen marketing opportunities in the future. It’s always easier to repeat a sale than to find a new client and appointment software works perfectly for this purpose. It collects all the data about your client and you will always know who is most likely to be useful for the growth of your business.


To sum up, it’s important to note that most of the time meetings steal more of our time than we expect. It takes time to prepare, takes time to get to the meeting place and they often last longer than expected. The good news is that technology allows us to take most of each meeting and make them extremely efficient. Doesn’t matter if you work alone or together with a team we recommend using Plandok. It’s an appointment software for small businesses that will help to increase your business efficiency literally in the first weeks of using it!

Plandok is Free for Everyone

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